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Neighbourhood Plan


Steering Group: Term of Reference.


1.The Steering Group shall comprise 15 members who shall as far as possible be drawn from across the Parish.

2. No more than 5 members shall be serving Parish Councillors.

3. The Chair shall be appointed by the Parish Council.


The Steering Group shall be responsible for the smooth running of the Neighbourhood Plan process and ensuring that it reflects the views of the whole Parish.

Terms of Reference

1. To receive and comment on the outcome of the meeting of the Steering group and any Discussion Groups or Working Parties.

2. The Steering group shall report to the Planning Committee of the Parish Council on a regular basis and forward copies of the minutes and agenda to the Clerk and Chair of the Parish Council.

3. To recommend to the Council the form and content of the Parish wide questionnaire.

4. To consider and make recommendations on the form and content of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

5. To advise on the desirability of holding public meetings or exhibitions and to act thereon with the agreement of the Parish Council.

6. To advise on the arrangement for publicising the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan

7. To ensure that where the Neighbourhood Plan relates to the use and development of land it is in conformity with national and local planning policies and demonstrates effective local engagement.


1. All reports from discussion groups or working parties shall be made to the Steering Group.

2. The Steering Group will report to the Parish Council which will retain final editorial and financial control.

3. No decisions can be made by the Steering Group, Discussions Groups or Working Parities without the consent of the full Parish Council.

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