Little Horsted – New Electricty Substations February update

East Hoathly with Halland Parish Council

Little Horsted – New Electricity Substations

Updated February 2024

What is it?

National Grid have informed us that this project involves the development of a new electricity supply point near Little Horsted, at the junction of Eastbourne Road with the A22 (Crockstead). This is essential to allow UK Power Networks to connect to National Grid network, enabling them to improve the electricity supply to the surrounding area and meet increased demand.

The new connection will involve building two new electricity substations (one for National Grid and one for UK Power Network) and two new pylons, along with the dismantling of one existing pylon.

Why is it being done?

The development will provide the connection for UK Power Networks, who need to upgrade their electricity network to meet future growth in electricity demand and to replace UK Power networks overhead lines, which are due for renewal, along an 18km route between Ringmer and Polegate.

Establishing a new grid supply point near Little Horsted, connected to UK Power Networks’ Lewes substation via new underground electricity cables, will maintain the future reliability of the network and means that UK Power Networks can remove 72 pylons between in the Ringmer area of East Sussex, including 10 in the South Downs National Park.

Under the Electricity Act, National Grid has a licence obligation to connect customers like UK Power Networks to its high voltage network in order to ensure a safe and secure network and to meet local demand.

What happens next?

Wealden District Council have given planning permission for the development and work will start in February 2024. The Parish Council has been supportive. Parishioners should note that :-

  1. a) No financial benefits accrue to the Parish from this development.
  2. b) The primary purpose is to improve the connection to the UKPN Lewes substation. The PC is well aware of concerns with the integrity of the electricity supply in the Parish, but enquiries to date have yielded no further information as to the nature or timetable of potential benefits related to supply security in this specific area.

Update – February 2024

Following a meeting with UKPN the following update and information has been shared with us:

The transformers are coming from the port on Shoreham (date to be confirmed). This will involve a significant traffic management plan and further details will be provided once known.

Build timetable

Between March to June 2024 Ground Works will commence to prepare the site – approx. 65,000 m3 of earth needs to be moved which will equate to 8000 lorry movements = 60-70 lorry movements a day during this phase.

Work Pattern

  • Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm
  • Alternate Saturdays – 7am to 5pm
  • Alternate Sundays – 8am – 3pm
  • No bank holidays will be worked except those agreed with Wealden Direct Council

HGV movements (not including muck away lorries) are limited to 8am to 12pm at weekends.

Potential Impacts

Security – a fence and cameras will be installed.

Footpath/Bridleway – a diversion notice will be made.

All site traffic will enter and exit the site from the entrance on the Eastbourne Road. Lorries will then have to turn left and proceed to the Halland roundabout. Onwards journeys will depend on the destination but any location north of the site will require the lorries to navigate the Halland roundabout and retrace their steps to head north back up the A22.

Ther will be regular use of road sweepers and a wheel wash facility on site.

Noise, dust, vibration and light – there will be routine and daily checks, dust suppression facilities and controls om solar lighting to reduce visual intrusion.

As construction starts here will be an average of 24 HGV trips per working day, rising to 113 at peak. Villages will be avoided and deliveries will be timed to avoid peak AM and PM times.


There will be minor lane closures or signals on Eastbourne Road for the new entrance and on the A22 (with public engagement in advance).

On-Going Community Communication

UKPN have set up a dedicated website for details:

There is also a dedicated email address: